Local Area Maps

Maps of the Apex and Surrounding Area

Apex Survey Map
Exhibit to Accompany Legal Description
Five Foot Contour Map
One Foot Contour Map
Conceptual Map set on aerial overlay
Conceptual Site Plan on aerial overlay for City View Business Park
Conceptual Site Plan
Detailed current site plan concept for the City View Business Park
GIS Aerial Map
GIS Aerial Map with Conceptual Site Plan Overylay
Apex Subdivision Map
Color Subdivision Map Showing North Hills Break Out Area
North Las Vegas Area
North Las Vegas Aerial Showing Apex Location
Assessors Aerial
Assesors Aerial of Subject Property
North Las Vegas Developments
North Las Vegas / I-215 Corridor Improvments
Western States Drive Time
Driving Time From Las Vegas To Major Western States
CANAMEX Highway Map

Mason Harvey
Mason Harvey
7475 West Sahara Avenue Suite 100 Las Vegas NV 89117